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There are many places to visit in Vietnam and some are almost required stops for landscape photographers.You want to visit Halong, a must – see destination? You want to have joy and fun with friends or make some new friends? Deciding what parts of the country you want to see will help you plan out an itinerary, so you can make the most of the time that you have there. VietNam is an island in the asian,  It has a land area of 40,000 square miles, or 103,000 square kilometers.
You want to relax in a young and dynamic way? A trip of 3 days with party on cruise and a freedom island brings you an unforgetable experiences hanging out with friends while enjoying the beauty of Halong’s nature. – Fun, young and dynamic enviroment cruise – Best, exciting and memorial activities: kayaking, partying, swimming, cooking class,… – Halong Bay with islets creating wonderful landscape. – Freedom island with sea view bungalows and various beaching activities and sports…


7h45: Meet your tour guide for the trip at your hotel, preparing for a 3,5 hours bus trip to Halong Bay.
12h: Arrive in Halong city, boarding to your Party Cruise, check into cabin and have an authentic Vietnamese lunch on board while your cruise’s beginning sailling throug the fairy land of Halong Bay, passing through the Stone Dog Islet, Incense Burner Islet, Fighting Cocks, and Swan Isle, Duck Islet… Dont forget to take pictures.
15h: Visit  Heavenly Palace the most beautiful cave in Halong, and then back to the cruise to continue your journey through hundreds of amazing islets. To explore Ba Hang floating village, enjoy your one hour kayaking through the tunnel.
17h30: Back to the Party Cruise, take a shower to prepare for Sunset Party with a glass of best local wine offed free  with tropical fruit, dance in soft music.
19h15: Enjoy a delicate dinner in Party Cruise romantic restaurant.
21h30: Multi-cultural music program, sing if you can, join with Fun.

DAY 2:

7h30: If you are a fan of morning sunrise, you’d better wake up early at 5 for the stunning view of Halong at twilight. Breakfast will be served at 7h30 with tea and coffee. Enjoy a fresh morning in the ocean.
9h30: Get on bus to go to Catba island. Cruise to Lan Ha Lagoon. There are many activities at Lan Ha Lagoon for you to try and join such as rock climbing, swimming, snorkeling, jumping from the top of the boat and enjoy swimming in the middle of the sea. After that, heading to the free island where you can enjoy a private beach.
12h00: Have lunch at the island. Then you can spend time playing football table, billard, karaoke,… inside the entertainment area or volleyball, kayakking, swimming outside on the beach.
19h00: Dinner is served. Then you can have a walk on beach or sing karaoke, dancing,…
21h00: Your party begins!

DAY 3:
The sound of waves and seabirds will wake you up early, and enjoy beautiful sunrise. Begin the day with a dive into the clear waters from the upper deck if you dare and wanna try.
7h30: Have breakfast with tea and coffee served.
9h30: Pack up and check out the cabin while the we’ r sailing back to Halong Pier.
11h: Join the Cooking class with our funny chief to try your cleverness with Vietnamese cooking. Enjoy the last lunch on board. When arrive at the Habor, the bus waiting to drive you back to Hanoi.
16h30: Arrive at your hotel in Hanoi.

– Rate from: $155. More friends, more discount.
– Cruise: Party Cruise or similar + climbing rock + other casual activities.
– Includes: accommodations, breakfast & meals per mentioned in the itinerary, transport by private car with AC, bikes, English-speaking guide, Water & First Aid, all entrance fees, performances, cruise trips & excursions.
– Excludes: travel insurance, Vietnam Visas, flight ticket, gratuities for tour guides/ drivers, other personal expenses

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HaLong Bay is northern of the great Vietnam’s biggest South East Asia island, one of the world magnificent natural heritages of the Far East with 3000 limestone and dolomite islands rising from waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. The vegetation-covered islands, which are spread out over an area of 1500 sq km, are dotted with innumerable beaches and grottoes created by the wind and the waves. Visitors have compared the area’s magical landscape of carboniferous chalk islets to Guilin in China and Krabi in southern Thailand.

HaLong Bay is a island of perpetual change – one that embraces transformation and fluidity. More interested in the future than the past, it nevertheless carries its history and traditions into the present. This intensely cultural capital is one of the most South East Asia energetic and creative island. 

The meaning of “Ha Long”, in Vietnamese, Ha means “descend”, and “Long” means “dragon”, so the word HaLong means “where the dragon descends into the sea”.

HaLong Bay Descending dragon
Legend has it that the islands of HaLong Bay were created by a giant dragon who lived in the mountains. As he ran towards the coast, his flailing tail gouged out valleys and crevasses; as he plunged into the sea, the areas dug up by his tail became filled with water, leaving only bits of highland visible. The bay is even said to be inhabited by a mysterious marine creature of gargantuan proportions known as the Tarasque.
halong city
HaLong Bay affords some of Vietnam’s most spectacular scenery, including beautiful limestone formations, rock arches, gin-clear water, virtually scenery lagoons, sheer cliffs, peaceful coves, eerie caves, secluded strips of white, powdery sand, and thousands of limestone islets. Like sculpted cartoon characters, these islet are fancifully named: Frog Island, Face Island, Isle of Surprise, etc.
halong city

Wooden Stakes Cave

Among thousands of caves of all sizes and shapes, Hang Dau Go(the Grotto of Wooden Stakes Cave), known to the French as the Grotte des Merveilles (Cave of Marvels) is a huge one consisting of three chambers which you reach via 90 steps.
halong city
Among the stalactites of the first hall, scores of gnomes appear to be holding the meeting. The walls of the second chamber sparkle if bright light is shined on them. The cave derives its Vietnamese name from the third of the chambers, which is said to have been used during the 13th century to store the sharp bamboo stakes, which Tran Hung Dao planted in the bed of the Bach Dang River to impale the Kublai Khan’s invasion fleet.
Other well-known caves in HaLong Bay include the Grotto of Bo Nau and 2 km long Hanh Hanh Cave.
halong city

HaLong City.

The main town in the region is HaLong city, which is in two havles, one on the mainland and one on the neighbouring island. HaLong city East(Hong Gai) on the mainland is 165km from Hanoi, 60km from Hai Phong and 40km from Cam Pha; and HaLong city West(Bai Chay) on the island is across the water a few kilometers west from Hong Gai. Travellers always catch a car or bus to Hai Phong, then board a ferry there to Hong Gai and spend at least one night here. There are plenty of reasonable hotels in HaLong, mostly in or near Bai Chay. Besides, HaLong hotel system consist of three properties, a lot of newly built hotels can offer good accommodations and services at reasonable prices.
halong city
Taking a tour of the Bay is the main activity when visiting HaLong city. If you want to see a lot, choose a fast boat. If you want a romantic experience but with the risk of getting hardly anywhere, look for one of the old junks. It is hardly to visit almost every island in the Bay, but only some splendid and famous ones.Therefore, an ideal trip to HaLong city and the Bay is a four-day trip.
HaLong’s only natural drawback is the weather. It is often damp, rainy and cold, particularly during the winter months. Visitors during the winter tend to spend most of their time in the bay itself, as HaLong’s water remains bath-warm year-round. If HaLong were, say, a thousand kilometers closer to the equator, this would be a paradise on Earth. As it is, it is still darn close. Cacth the area on a nice day, particularly during the spring and fall months, and you are in for one of the biggest treats of your Vietnam visit.